Monorail Sliding Door

Our UNIQUE Monorail is a contemporary, high performance Sliding Door System. It’s perfect for very wide openings and ideal for homeowners looking to make the most of great views and their indoor/outdoor living space.

Monorail glides rather than slides, silently, securely and effortlessly on high quality nylon rollers, and provides excellent weather and thermal performance.

2 Pane
Monorail 2 pane illustration

3 Pane
Monorail 3 pane illustration

Key Features

  • 2 panes span up to 4.5 metres
  • 3 panes span up to 6 metres!
  • Excellent weather performance with integrated multifunctional gasket and brush seals
  • Looks and feels like aluminium with the superior thermal performance of PVC-U
  • Fully reinforced PVC-U profile with galvanised steel for additional strength
  • Six position multi-point locking mechanism as standard for added security
  • Stunning complementary hardware to complete the look
  • Contemporary colour range available from stock

Colour Choice

Monorail comes in White and a choice of colours. Choose from our colour express logo woodgrain foils including two bi-colour options with White inside.

Woodgrain foils available from stock:

Monorail colour options

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